The Importance of Warm-ups

Anyone who plays sports will always tell you that warm-ups and stretches are important before any game, but when it comes to swimming it can mean life or death. It might seem a bit exaggerated, given that there it is rare for pools to have few people around, but it is the number of people itself that makes the whole thing more dangerous. With so many people swimming and playing around (if not in a

Why Learning How To Swim Properly is Important

Most of us, if not all, will travel at least once in our lives. And by travel I mean going through long distances to get to a destination, not just the next city, either by plane, sea, or by land. All of the modes of transportation will eventually run into a body of water, some more often than others, and at some point you will face a situation where getting through water by yourself is

Pesticides and Pools

Public swimming pools, private pools, and even small pool resorts have a few things in common; they all try to conserve water, the water does not flow, and have the most basic filtering system. So in the event that you needed to have a nearby building or structure treated for pests, should you be concerned about pesticides in the pool? The answer is not that surprising; it’s yes. Through a simple phone call to a

Swimming Pool Problems – Pest Hazards & Safety Reminder

Swimming is a fun activity, even a good sports for children and adults alike. Oftentimes, kids do not want to leave the pool once they are in. It is a cherished experience among families and friends. But you might be wondering about the dangers of swimming pool. Let us talk about them to keep you informed and for your safety. You might be not know yet but there are common insect pests attracted to swimming

How To Get Rid Of Swimming Pool Pests

It is not surprising that swimming pools are not spared from pest infestations. The swimming pool pests may be harmless, but it makes the water in your pool look dirty and unattractive to your guests. So, let us learn about the pests that we commonly see in our swimming pools. Midges are common in swimming pools and any man-made water feature. These insects may look like mosquitoes, but they are actually a type of non-biting

Swimming is a Fun Way to Get a Good Body

I used to be quite a chunky lad, but at the same time loved being active, the one activity that really helped me develop a good body was swimming. I remember the first time I was competitively swimming against some friends, I was pretty much at last place, completely exhausted and out of breath. I really hated the feeling of losing so I decided to get special lesson in swimming. The instructor asked me what

Las Vegas Pool Season: #4 Things to Know Before Swimming

It’s fun to be in Vegas, and they have some of the best resorts in the world! But before you jump in that pool, you should think twice about doing so if you have done any of the following. 1.) Drinking A little beer or a glass of wine is fine, but if you just came out of the club semi-wasted, you should think twice about jumping in the resort pool. When you drink, the