The Importance of Warm-ups

Anyone who plays sports will always tell you that warm-ups and stretches are important before any game, but when it comes to swimming it can mean life or death. It might seem a bit exaggerated, given that there it is rare for pools to have few people around, but it is the number of people itself that makes the whole thing more dangerous. With so many people swimming and playing around (if not in a

Why Learning How To Swim Properly is Important

Most of us, if not all, will travel at least once in our lives. And by travel I mean going through long distances to get to a destination, not just the next city, either by plane, sea, or by land. All of the modes of transportation will eventually run into a body of water, some more often than others, and at some point you will face a situation where getting through water by yourself is

Las Vegas Pool Season: #4 Things to Know Before Swimming

It’s fun to be in Vegas, and they have some of the best resorts in the world! But before you jump in that pool, you should think twice about doing so if you have done any of the following. 1.) Drinking A little beer or a glass of wine is fine, but if you just came out of the club semi-wasted, you should think twice about jumping in the resort pool. When you drink, the