Las Vegas Pool Season: #4 Things to Know Before Swimming

It’s fun to be in Vegas, and they have some of the best resorts in the world! But before you jump in that pool, you should think twice about doing so if you have done any of the following.

1.) Drinking

A little beer or a glass of wine is fine, but if you just came out of the club semi-wasted, you should think twice about jumping in the resort pool. When you drink, the alcohol relaxes your muscles, so you might not need to worry about cramps, but you also have reduced motor skills, cognitive thinking, and much of proper brain functions, so you might end up drowning. Though jumping in the pool in your party attire is a dead giveaway to the life guard.

Another problem that could arise from swimming drunk is making a mess in the pool, trust me, you do not want to be known as the guy who vomited in the pool. Not to mention the insane bill they send you for cleaning out the pool and changing the water.



2.) Surgery (even after 48 hours)

You might be surprised, but a lot of people tend to want to get back to normal daily life activities after surgery, and with Las Vegas being the place to get elective surgery, a lot of people, for example women who got breast implants, tend to want to show off their new body and join the fun in the pool. Unfortunately for them, even though they should theoretically be fine, infection could still occur, and not just any infection, bad ones with antibiotic resistant bacteria. I mean it is a pool of water where a lot of strangers swim in, you might not know what is in there that could harm you through your breached flesh.


3.) After Eating at a Buffet

The whole “don’t swim after eating for at least an hour” thing has been debunked, but if you have eaten a huge meal you should really reconsider immediately jumping into the pool, because you will puke what you ate out. Just enjoy your delicious buffet after a nice swim, that way you get to enjoy the best of both worlds.


4.) Gambling all night long

Here’s the thing, after stressing your body the whole night, even if you don’t feel tired because of the amount of money you won, DO NOT go for a victory swim. Your muscles are tired and haven’t had its rest yet, you run the risk of getting a cramp. Give you self a nice rest and then go for the pool when you wake up.


These are just a few of the things you should NOT DO before taking a swim in Vegas, even though it might seem like a fun good idea at firs. Drowning is not fun, it’s painful and deadly! So be responsible with you actions, have fun but be careful. If you think you have a great idea, ask yourself first “would this kill me?”