Pesticides and Pools

Public swimming pools, private pools, and even small pool resorts have a few things in common; they all try to conserve water, the water does not flow, and have the most basic filtering system. So in the event that you needed to have a nearby building or structure treated for pests, should you be concerned about pesticides in the pool? The answer is not that surprising; it’s yes. Through a simple phone call to a Pest Control Company Conroe, the person we spoke to suggested that any nearby body of water we plan to use or bathe in should be drained, though he did say it was just his opinion.

Ideally, pool water should be changed once a month, but it is no secret that a lot of pools don’t actually do that and just dump chlorine into the water, and hope that the filtration system doesn’t break down. Who can blame them, the amount of water needed to fill a medium sized pool costs a good chunk of coin, and at the same time is a bit of a waste of fresh water. But in cases where chemical exposure or some kind of toxic/biowaste incident, you should definitely drain your water and change it, after cleaning the pool of course.