Swimming is a Fun Way to Get a Good Body

swimmers-bodyI used to be quite a chunky lad, but at the same time loved being active, the one activity that really helped me develop a good body was swimming. I remember the first time I was competitively swimming against some friends, I was pretty much at last place, completely exhausted and out of breath. I really hated the feeling of losing so I decided to get special lesson in swimming. The instructor asked me what my goal was and I told him just to be faster and relatively better at swimming, he grinned as if he found a new project to do. These Atlanta’s carpet cleaners provide a super carpet cleaning service for Atlanta’s locals.

The first week was simple enough, he taught me the basics of swimming, forms and all, and showed me that I was wrong in some of my movements and form. It was pretty much a regular swimming class, until the following weeks came, as the instructor pushed me further and further, every day my limit was pushed. We did a few stretching and warm-ups before every swim, but they were nothing compared to the training in water I got. I had expected to lose a bit of weight, even thought of the possibility of getting fitter. I did not expect my body to get, not ripped, but finely chiseled, don’t get me wrong I was not Adonis or anything similar, I did slowly become very well built as the weeks and months passed.

I started having fun challenging myself and being challenged to reach new heights, and later on totally forgot that the reason I was doing it was merely to beat a few friends the next time we went out to the pool. What was interesting though was that I had lost track of everything else except training and school, somewhat only contacting my friends online and through instant messaging. After two months of training I pretty much shocked people who haven’t seen me in a while, thinking that I dedicated myself to some sort of gym regiment, I told them that I choose swimming to be my sport and told them that the results was just a little bonus from the hard work.

I had played a lot of sport before swimming, though I was not really good at them I gave my time to it, but when it came to swimming the physical results was just amazing. It’s a way more fun way to get in shape compared to going to the gym to repetitively do exercises, though I respect people who choose that path.

My trainer told me that I should join competitions and try out reaching new challenges, but I turned it down saying that I was pretty much happy with the result and would like to keep swimming a hobby that I do when I need to have a little fun at the same time some exercise. Competitions would have been fun, but personally I thought that it will put too much seriousness into something I do for fun.