Swimming Pool Problems – Pest Hazards & Safety Reminder

Swimming is a fun activity, even a good sports for children and adults alike. Oftentimes, kids do not want to leave the pool once they are in. It is a cherished experience among families and friends. But you might be wondering about the dangers of swimming pool. Let us talk about them to keep you informed and for your safety.

You might be not know yet but there are common insect pests attracted to swimming pools. Good thing, they can be addressed by trusted pest control companies. These guys are well-trained and knowledgeable in identifying and eliminating pests whether at home or in pools.

Here are common pests that you may find in pools located in Columbus, OH. Some of them are harmless, but still a nuisance because it can make the pool filthy. San Diego bail bondsmen offer flexible payment plans for someone who need a bail bond.

  • Mosquito 

As we all know, mosquitoes love stagnant water because they lay their eggs there. Pools are not exempted to this if its water is not properly treated. Aside from proper chemical treatment, the water filter of the pool should be regularly checked for clogs that can cause algae growth.

  • Water boatmen 

Water boatmen are insects with oval-shaped bodies. These are often found in freshwater so if you start seeing them in the pool, it is a sign that the water is not treated correctly. Although this insect does not bite, it is prey to another insect, thereby attracting another pest to the pool.

  • Backswimmer 

This pest feeds on water boatmen insect that is present in the pool. Their bites are annoying and can be painful.

You definitely wouldn’t want to swim with these creatures. So, you need to inform your pool manager if you see these pests so that necessary action can be done to eliminate the pests.

Here are other water safety tips that you need to take note and practice with your children. Remember that accidents can be avoided if you conscientiously make safety your priority.

  • It is never too early to teach kids to swim and practice water safety measures.
  • Instruct children to avoid playing or running near pools to avoid falling.
  • Children should ALWAYS be supervised. It doesn’t matter if they are part of the swimming varsity or still tadpoles wearing swim rings, there should always someone watching over the children when they are in the pool area.
  • It may be an additional expense, but installing pool doors with alarms are good to have when kids are staying near the pool.
  • Learn CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) and keep a phone and first aid kid near the pool area. Every second matter in times of accident, you do not want to be caught unprepared when an untoward incident strikes.

We hope that these pool tips will remind you how pool safety and sanitation are critical to everyone’s safety. You should inform your pool manager as soon as you find something uncommon or if you have concerns. This is a proactive way of ensuring everyone’s safety.

In addition, you should remember that you are responsible for your kids. Keep them within your reach and train them about water safety early. Remind them again once you are in the pool area to make sure they remember.