The Importance of Warm-ups

Anyone who plays sports will always tell you that warm-ups and stretches are important before any game, but when it comes to swimming it can mean life or death. It might seem a bit exaggerated, given that there it is rare for pools to have few people around, but it is the number of people itself that makes the whole thing more dangerous. With so many people swimming and playing around (if not in a competition), life guards and people would have a hard time spotting you and figuring out if you are actually someone drowning or playing around.

Where is Waldo

Have you ever owned a “Where is Waldo” book, isn’t it hard to find Wally, even more so when there are people and stuff that resembles him or his clothes. When there are a lot of people in the pool it is pretty much like the game, there are so many people that are splashing and playing around, swimming, and diving that you could almost not determine if one is drowning or just playing.

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How to Avoid This

Aside from accidents People tend to drown because of cramps and/or exhaustion, this is due to the fact that they did not stretch and do warm-ups before swimming. Though many of us haven’t experience anything when swimming without doing precautionary measures, it still leaves us vulnerable to these types of occurrences. It is best to avoid the chance of drowning by doing a few simple stretches and warm-ups before ever going into the pool, this can be done with a few simple lunges and stretches.  If you do this you are putting yourself away from danger.

In competitions

When competing it would be best to be at your top shape, though it would be obvious enough to do if you are trained properly, I have seen many swimmers getting into position without even doing a few stretching routines, and this could cause you the match.

Female swimmer stretching before a swim
Female swimmer stretching before a swim

The human body is amazing, but in order to get to its full potential you will have to make sure that you are tuned to perfection before doing anything stressful. If you don’t do this you will only be able to access a portion of what it is capable of achieving, due to stressing muscles by shocking it from a relaxed state into a state of in-use, exhausting it through the inefficient use of energy. Stretching and warming-up will allow you reach a state of efficiency that will allow almost limitless physical ability. Check out this website

Summing it all Up

In conclusion prepping your body before any activity is essential to reach your highest potential, but when it comes to entering a hazardous environment, like swimming, this preparation can determine your safety and survival.

It is recommended that you find a routine before any heavy physical activity that you can practice and make a habit, not just for the safety of your life but for the safety of others as well.  May it be an activity of leisure or competition, it is important to do this.