Why Learning How To Swim Properly is Important

crowded-swimming-poolMost of us, if not all, will travel at least once in our lives. And by travel I mean going through long distances to get to a destination, not just the next city, either by plane, sea, or by land. All of the modes of transportation will eventually run into a body of water, some more often than others, and at some point you will face a situation where getting through water by yourself is needed. You might think it unlikely but there will come a time when you will need something more than doggy paddling to survive a situation.

When I Was Younger

I was a kid when my mother signed us all up for swimming classes one summer, and though I like the pool, the idea of following a schedule and attending a proper class made the whole thing a task, as any kid hates anything with the word class attached to it. I knew how to swim, though my form was a total mess and I was told that I looked like a frog swimming, and I thought it was enough. Go here bakersfieldbailbondsman.tumblr.com

But it was my instructor the demonstrated to me how the lack of proper form and important knowledge about swimming was keeping me from the fun of swimming, and was actually endangering my life. He told all of us to keep swimming in the deep end of the water for as long as we could without resting, we all did so and I found that I didn’t even last a minute, he told me that in a situation where I need to be able to stay afloat long, with my current skill level, I would most likely not survive.

It only took about a week and a half of training but I got ahold of proper swimming techniques, and slowly I realized that I was able to stay longer in the water without completely exhausting myself, and that I was able to enjoy playing with my brother and sister in the water because of this.

A few years went by, my family and I were celebrating my birthday at the beach, the waves were massive that day, and the life guards told us to be cautious though swimming was still permitted. Later that day I was enjoying while playing in the water when current from the waves pulled me in, I was tumbling out of controlling the wave, and at that moment I remembered a few tips from my swimming teacher, I with the current and ended up body surfing to safety. Had I not been well equipped for the situation, things might have turned out differently.

Be Prepared For the Unlikely

Swimming is a skill that everyone should possess, in unlikely events it could save your life and the lives of others. When it comes to things that might seem unlikely, it would be best to be prepared for them and not needing your preparations than to need it and not have it.